10 Daily Self-Care Products For Men Who Are New To A Routine


Men have an overwhelming variety of self-care and enhancing products to choose from, and every day you take care of your appearance adds up at the latter end of life. A daily self-care routine is a daunting task for any guy to think about and incorporate into his life. A daily routine is more about what items are necessary in this case. Then there are areas beyond simple things like moisturizing and smelling good.

Keeping your skin hydrated throughout the day is worth the effort, and starting each day with a hydrating cleanser keeps the maintenance at a low lift. Aromas play a part in your moisturizing routine, and fragrances are complementary. You can decide on a go-to scent that reflects your natural pH and perspiration habits while maintaining the appeal of your aroma – not clashing odors.

Taking the first step, consider what you want to improve and try out some products that are either affordable or high-end enough that they can only enhance your presence at work and happy hour. Your approach to a daily routine as a man is considering the benefits over time rather than slowing your morning routine if you seek to replace what you regularly use while looking for products to improve your appearance.

Seven Potions Face Wash – $14.99


Guys care more about their skin, and to do so is a smart move on behalf of your future self. Seven Potions Face Wash will have you looking and feeling fresh for the everyday grind. This unique formula is crafted for modern gentlemen, removing dirt, excess oil, and pollutants from your face. Seven Potions Face Wash keeps skin smooth, soft, and hydrated, designed for sensitive skin. Face washing is something you should do every day after being out in the elements.

Tribe & Oak Lemongrass – Bergamot Hand Soap – $10

Tribe & Oak handcraft their Lemongrass and Bergamot cream blend of hand soap right in the heart of Brooklyn, using cruelty-free, eco-friendly, vegan ingredients. The aromas are potent in offering a citrusy scent, balanced with floral and spice hints. This hand soap washes hands clean without overdrying using oils consisting of antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory elements for those who work with their hands often. Additionally, the organic jojoba and apricot oils will keep your hands moisturized after each wash feeling softer than usual after daily use.

NARCYSS Suede L’éclat Balancing Moisturizer – $57

This luxurious day cream includes a formula that combines Ashwagandha and Rhodiola Rosea with a Hyaluronic Acid Complex for the most detailed hydrating facial experience. The hydra-protecting formula is crafted for computer users, protecting against blue light pollutants with shielding molecules that destress your epidermis. Narcyss facial cream prevents dehydration, fatigue, and skin damage with its antioxidant action.

Strangelove Silencethesea Potion Pendant – $18

This potion pendant is the perfect discreet trick for a daily refresher throughout your day. The Strangelove Silencethesea scent works with the natural body chemistry, creating unique aromas that blend with movement. This provocative formula has a leathery undertone, using black oud and blue chamomile, with subtle notes of natural narcissus, tuberose absolute, mimosa, Musk, white truffle, and purifying angelica. And it lives with you all day around your neck. The custom-designed 24-karat gold-plated potion pendant is a secret fragrance disguised in a charming piece of jewelry.

Tumi Kinetic [—:— GMT] Eau De Parfum 3.4 Oz – $110

KINETIC by Tumi is the vibrant start to your day with citrus in a long-lasting formula. Inspired by motion, this scent is ready for any journey, whether a long day in the office or a Summer Friday. Kinetic uses amber that is present early after application and includes Italian mandarin, followed by vibrant spice. Settling on a combination of vanilla and sandalwood, calming down when appropriate, Kinetic can take you from morning meetings to an evening dinner date.

Mind Games Fragrance 5 Piece Discovery Set – $175

Mind Games fragrances are sourced with quality ingredients as a line of luxury scents designed to impress the nose. Potent and very clean, each scent from the line is unique in its blend, providing a distinction for every man. The discovery set with all ten fragrances, or just five bottles, include blends of rose and coffee, black leather and orris, and pomegranate and suede, to name a few. A splash of brilliant fragrance each day is a game-changer for morning commutes.

SIDIA The Hand Care Duo The Hand Exfoliator and Serum – $72

Hands are often overlooked in the daily routine or in general when washing. SIDIA offers a solution for those men and those who work with their hands. The plant-based handcare duo includes a daily exfoliant and a non-greasy, hydrating serum with a luxurious scent for smooth hands that your significant other would surely appreciate.

NARCYSS The Eye Cream: Healthy Aging Eye Cream – $62

This rich eye cream from NARCYSS uses active adaptogen ingredients like Reishi Mushroom, helpful in remedying wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles. The ultra-hydrating Reishi Mushroom detoxifies while helping your body synthesize ceramide, creating a protective moisturized layer for your skin. NARCYSS makes skincare for the man who works long hours to keep them looking youthful over time. Each day can come with a quick application of eye cream, whether you keep it in the bathroom or at your desk.

Peter Millar Crown Cologne – $98

With woody-spicy birch notes, and a blended undertone of black pepper sourced from Madagascar, this subtle scent from Peter Millar ascends traditional with sophistication. This cologne is for the man uncertain of a fragrance that works with their pH. The Crown cologne has an aroma great for applying at any time of day. The classic and clean American aesthetic of Peter Millar is accentuated in this bottle of fragrance and reflected in its design of the flask-like leather cased shape.

Crep Premium Sneaker Cleaning Kit – $18

The phrase ‘the shoes make the man has been taken to the extreme in years, caring more for our footwear than ourselves. And for the average sneakerhead, sneaker cleanliness is always in question. The Crep Protect Cure Cleaning Kit is the answer and includes everything you need to bring your tired sneakers back to life or keep them vibrant. Items like the premium brush can be used dry or wet, and microfibre cloth can be machine washed and reused multiple times and stored away in a zip-up pack for easy travel. A simple set of tools help maintain your sneakers, keep your pairs presentable for work, and build your confidence in social settings.