10 Steps to Enhance Your Website Productivity


We need to drive traffic to websites in just the same way as we once focused on driving traffic to our physical stores. The issue arises when the website is launched, and suddenly everyone sits back to watch the money and customers pour in. Getting the website up and running seamlessly is only the first step in the process of using the internet to make your business incredible. Let’s explore a few ways businesses are using the internet to enhance their website productivity, with very little cost associated and a huge reward on the back end!

  1. Optimize checkout & payment

Checkout and payment should be safe, fast and secure. Make sure your site is optimized for mobile, and only work with reputable payment partners. The more payment options you have, the better. Make sure your customers know how important security is to your company, and treat every suspicious situation with the gravity it deserves. The faster and easier your site is, the less shopping cart abandonment you will see, and the more profits your business will see!

  1. Optimize shipping

Shipping is the final step in the purchase process, so it’s critical that you work with the best shipping partners to service your customers. Some businesses are choosing to invest in shipping APIs to streamline and automate the shipping process. This means less reliance on human beings and less chances for error in the process. This also means, if there are any issues with shipping, you can access the information immediately and solve the problem right away.

  1. Collaborate with other brands

Working with other brands is a great way to get your name out there! Consider including links to other sites that you trust, or offer to host links to other sites on your own webpage. As with shipping partners, be careful who you work with, as the bad reputation of another company can easily rub off on you. Work with the best and most professional partners to ensure the trust of your customers!

  1. Use Social Media

Internet users are on social media almost daily, and you want to meet them where they are!  Many shoppers will even browse prices and online stores on their favorite social media site before really shopping online. Take advantage of this to promote sales, or to build a relationship with your online customers.

  1. Become a thought leader

Make your company a thought leader by contributing to other blogs or posting on other sites. Getting your name out there as a thought leader means customers will seek you out for both your advice and your product. Try being a guest speaker at a conference, contribute to a blog, or trade posts with a social media influencer with a large following!  The options are endless.

  1. Get good at SEO

Better search engine optimization means your site will appear on the first search engine pages, an important element for any business. The higher up on the Google search list you appear, the more traffic you will inspire – so target getting good at SEO today, and optimize all your sites! Perform keyword research before you start writing, to ensure you are hitting the mark the first time!

  1. Use video and visuals

Customers love visuals, so provide stunning videos and visuals to encourage and entertain them when they visit your site. Consider adding a visual or video component to blog posts, or create a video ad to complement your email marketing campaign. You can even rank other videos on sites like YouTube, for a little extra visibility for your company account.

  1. Use third-party sites

Working with other brands is a great way to drive traffic to your site, and access new customer bases. Work with third-party sites with a similar audience, but without competing products to team up and share customers.

  1. Be active in online communities

Customers love to talk about their favorite brands, and they also love to discuss those who let them down. Take the time each week to scan for mentions of your business in online communities like Reddit, and respond to comments. Stay far away from being defensive or angry, even with unfair commenters – as this is never a good look for business.

  1. Remove outdated content

Your content from 2010 might have served you well for years, and you might be proud of how far you have come, but it’s important you cull older content from your site. Leaving up too much outdated content makes your pages look full and colorful, but will disappoint new customers who aren’t interested in your past – only your future.

Be innovative and brave with your content, and put your passion in your work. Building a highly-functioning website takes time and effort, so don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t start booming right away. Running a successful website can be an incredibly rewarding process, and following these 10 easy steps will put you in just the right position to use the internet to its full potential.


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