2020 Senate Election Predictions: Betting Odds & Winning Projections For Key Congressional Races


All eyes might be focused on the 2020 Presidential Election, but the latest polls indicate that there are numerous contentious State Senate races still in the balance with monumental implications on the line.

Where polls are sometimes unable to paint the full picture, many are looking to the betting lines as a truer indicator of overall support and confidence that the public has in a candidate’s chances of winning.

“We’ve seen some big moves over the past few days, notably in the North Carolina Senate Race where Cal Cunningham made the jump from -140 (bet $140 to win $100) all the way to -200 (bet $200 to win $100) in just under a week,”shared political betting oddsmaker Dave Mason of BetOnline.

“We saw similar moves in Iowa’s Senate race where Joni Ernst moved from -130 to -190 in less than a week, moving her opponent Theresa Greenfield further down the board.”

The increased interest in this years Senate elections has seen individual state betting generate an enormous handle. Presidential Elections have always been a favorite of the public, but the emergence of these state-by-state markets has oddsmakers holding their breaths, as a few Senate races could end up costing them big money.

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“At this point Joni Ernst is seeing the most money from bettors, and based on our odds, she sits at a 65.5% chance of winning her race.”

2020 Senate Election Race Betting Odds Via BetOnline 

Alabama Senate Race

Tommy Tuberville: -1400 odds

Doug Jones: +700 odds

(Odds imply 93.3% chance Tuberville will win)

(Tuberville was -1000 last week)

Arizona Senate Race

Mark Kelly: -375 odds

Martha McSally: +240 odds

(Odds imply 79.0% chance Kelly will win)

Colorado Senate Race

John Hickenlooper: -900 odds

Cory Gardner: +500 odds

(Odds imply 90.0% chance Hickenlooper will win)

Iowa Senate Race

Joni Ernst: -190 odds

Theresa Greenfield: +145 odds

(Odds imply 65.5% chance Ernst will win)

(Ernst was -130 last week)

Kansas Senate Race

Roger Marshall: -525 odds

Barbara Bollier: +325 odds

(Odds imply 84.0% chance Marshall will win)

Kentucky Senate Race

Mitch McConnell: -1500 odds

Amy McGrath: +600 odds

(Odds imply 93.8% chance McConnell will win)

Maine Senate Race

Sara Gideon: -230 odds

Susan Collins: +160 odds

(Odds imply 69.7% chance Gideon will win)

(Gideon was -300 last week)

Michigan Senate Race

Gary Peters: -270 odds

John James: +180 odds

(Odds imply 73.0% chance Peters will win)

Montana Senate Race

Steve Daines: -250 odds

Steve Bullock: +170 odds

(Odds imply 71.4% chance Daines will win)

North Carolina Senate Race

Cal Cunningham: -200 odds

Thom Tillis: +150 odds

(Odds imply 66.7% chance Cunningham will win)

(Cunningham was -140 last week)

South Carolina Senate Race

Lindsey Graham: -450 odds

Jaime Harrison: +275 odds

(Odds imply 81.8% chance Graham will win)