Are You Making These Mistakes While Traveling?


Planning is crucial if you want a memorable vacation. Planning allows you to relax while you hit the road. Moreover, planning a trip is as exciting as the trip itself. From booking flights to creating itineraries, planning involves many small details. 

However, there are some misconceptions you should avoid while planning a vacation. 

Skipping Travel Insurance

Thinking about a vacation makes us excited. We start to feel the thrill the moment we start planning for a leisure trip. However, many travelers ignore the insurance part. They consider it an added expense or a luxury and hence, unnecessary. They fail to foresee the much-needed protection it offers. Think of situations when things can go wrong – a trip cancellation, lost/ stolen baggage, a damaged camera or luggage, or medical emergencies – who will come forward to help you in an unknown country? 

Buying travel insurance will cover you in cases of:

  • Medical emergencies, road accidents, injuries, and sudden health disorders
  • Loss/theft of belongings – these include luggage, cameras, jewellery, documents, and electronics
  • Baggage delay
  • Trip cancellation
  • Emergency medical transport
  • Emergency evacuation and repatriation

Many argue in favour of travel credit cards. But their protection is limited and applicable only you use one during your trip. 

How To Shop For The Best Travel Insurance?

A wide range of travel insurance policies is available in the market. While planning a trip, you need to research which plan suits you best and then pay for it. If your credit cards offer trip cancellation or secondary car rental insurance, you get some coverage. You need to find out if that is sufficient or not and plan accordingly. Shop for customizable travel insurance and pay for the components you need. It is a good idea to compare travel insurance policies before you buy one. You can buy directly or buy through insurance agents. 

Note: The pandemic has a significant impact on how we travel. While buying a travel insurance policy, ensure you get coverage for coronavirus-related ailments. 

Booking flights through online travel agencies 

Many travelers prefer using online travel agencies for booking flights. ‘Best,” cheapest,’ ‘affordable’ -these baits lure them to avoid a direct booking. But do you know the advantages of direct booking while you fly? There are many. Let’s take a look:

  • Excellent Reward Programs: Premier airlines reward passengers with top-notch inflight experiences when they book directly. For example, when you book direct at, you enjoy the best long-haul flights in the sky with incredible luxury and comfort. From Caviar to vintage wine, flying in Cathay Pacific’s state-of-the-art cabins will redefine your flying experiences. 
  • A direct booking gets you the best seats.
  • Fair price with no hidden charges/surcharges
  • Better communication if you need to cancel or reschedule your booking

Booking hotels through online travel agencies

Third-party hotel booking services have become popular these days. However, things can turn messy for many reasons. We get to hear many horror stories about lost reservations. Imagine a situation when exhausted from the journey, you desperately need some rest, and to your horror, you find out that you don’t have a reservation. A lost reservation could be frustrating and stressful you don’t want while traveling. Booking directly from hotels ensures you don’t have to face such horrors in an unknown place in the wee hours. Also, you share your credit card details and personal information with the hospitality desk only. 

There are other perks when you book directly:

  • You receive an elite treatment when you arrive. The best brands acknowledge direct bookings and reward the guests with additional benefits. As a direct customer, you can enjoy some exclusive benefits such as free pick-and-drop, priority check-ins, late check-outs, free Wi-Fi, unlimited beverages, complimentary bottles of water, and more.  
  • Earn loyalty points: Standard hotels offer loyalty points. It is a part of their marketing strategy. If you are a frequent traveller, you can take advantage of hotel loyalty programs. Generally, loyalty points can be used for room upgrades, special offers, and more, depending on the property’s nature. 
  • Flexibility: Direct booking means a lot of flexibility. You can choose your rooms and enjoy additional services. Additionally, if you cancel or reschedule your stay, direct booking makes it more accessible. 

Do you like these tips? Don’t hesitate to tell us your opinion. 


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