Hearing aid repair: service, prevention, troubleshooting


Are you looking for a quality hearing aid repair? The specialists can diagnose and repair your hearing aid in a short time.

In this article you’ll find necessary info on how to take care of your hearing aids. First of all, it is worth noting that for people who use hearing aids, choosing, buying and using this assistive device is not enough. Like many other devices, this one requires special service and you will have to contact professionals who specialize in hearing aid repair and have extensive practical experience in servicing such equipment.

Breakdown to the hearing aid is a big problem because during the period when the this device is not functioning and being fixed by hearing aid repair service, a hearing-impaired person is deprived of the opportunity to lead their usual way of life. To make the matters worse, it’s necessary to understand that it is not always possible to fix the breakdown on your own. You need the help of a competent specialist who can find out the cause of the equipment malfunction and fix it as soon as possible. Even if the hearing aid works without interruption, preventive maintenance will never hurt as it can extend the life of the device.

What is the purpose of a hearing aid repair service?

Hearing aid service includes:

• Cleaning;

• A set of preventive measures;

• Change of ear plugs;

• Production of new ear plugs;

• Search for possible faults;

• Checking the operation of the software.

If you find the professional help of hearing aid repair in a timely manner, you can avoid serious damage to your hearing aid. The regular maintenance includes the following stages:

• firstly, the condition of the hearing aid is monitored,

• secondly, the components are replaced and, if necessary, hearing aid repair is carried out.

Ideally, try to find a specialist who can not only eliminate the cause of the hearing aid breakdown, but also be able to diagnose the operation of the device and test its operation.

Hearing aid repair specialists can be compared to jewelers because in addition to experience and professional skills 100% accuracy play a pivotal important role here.

Stages of hearing aid repair.

The first thing the specialists do  is to diagnose the device. Diagnostics consists of examining all the constituent parts of the device under a special magnifying glass. After inspecting and identifying the cause of the breakdown, the price of the work and the purchase of the necessary spare parts is negotiated with the customer.

Having agreed on the cost of the repair, the specialist proceeds directly to fix the hearing aid.

What are the most common types of hearing aid failures?

• Malfunction of the receiver and other constituent elements, which become unusable over time;

• Mechanical damage of any kind;

• Oxidation of the chip due to moisture, etc.

A hearing aid repair professional performs the following measures:

• maintenance,

• diagnostics and high-quality repair of any model and brand of hearing aid and any degree of complexity.

If a malfunction occurs that cannot be repaired, the specialist will immediately inform the client about it.


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