Now 5 Trump agencies have been hacked in cyber-espionage linked to Russia: report


President Donald Trump has continued to hold out false hope that the 2020 presidential election could be overturned — and has an enemies list of Fox News personalities who didn’t go along with his conspiracy theories — according to a new report.

The story, by Axios reporter Jonathan Swan, is titled, “Scoop: Trump’s frenetic, fanciful, bitter final plea.”

“Right up to Monday’s Electoral College vote, President Trump held the false hope that Republican-controlled state legislatures would replace electors with allies who’d overturn Joe Biden’s win, two people who discussed the matter with him told Axios. The big picture: Through the past week, the sources said, the president browbeat GOP legislators in multiple states, launched tirades against Republican Govs. Doug Ducey of Arizona and Brian Kemp of Georgia, vowed to make Fox News ‘pay’ for accurately calling the race, and tested ways to say he didn’t win without acknowledging he had lost,” Swan reported.