‘Star Wars’ Director Rian Johnson Takes The Time To Mock Ben Shapiro Over ‘The Last Jedi’ Tweet


While America nervously waits for the results of an important election, much-mocked conservative commentator Ben Shapiro attempted to lighten the mood … by bringing up an outdated culture war talking point?

After the bumbling incoherence of The Rise of Skywalker, do people really still have the energy to remain angry over The Last Jedi?

Indeed, with all of the strange and terrible events of 2020, it’s almost nostalgic to think back to the time when furious keyboard warriors spent months arguing over the merits of the Star Wars movie that spent too much time in a space casino. 

Amusingly enough, The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson came back at Shapiro with a devastatingly simple response:

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It seems that the world is never going to forget about the time when Shapiro awkwardly recited the lyrics of a risqué Cardi B song, sparking a deluge of mockery and memes.

For Shapiro, public humiliation has always been an important aspect of his rise to fame, keeping his name in headlines and entwining his brand into those fickle social media algorithms. 

The trained attorney first rose to prominence by “debating” fresh-faced college students, utilizing easy victories and clickbait headlines until he had gathered enough traction on YouTube to enter the mainstream, surfing on a tsunami of jokes made at his expense.  

But it seems as though Cardi B’s “WAP” has left a stain on his reputation that can never be washed away – perhaps the man could do with a bucket and a mop.