The Perfect Gift For Astrology Lovers Is Here


In times of great stress, prayers often have dominion. In the age of a pandemic and existential threat to humanity, people are now turning to the stars for answers. Even those who have never embraced the occult or paranormal are researching astrology and phoning psychic mediums. Many astrologers reference a rare planetary transit between Saturn and Pluto when discussing the global disturbances brought on in 2020. Others describe astrology as being fluid, and a sort-of blueprint to deeper explore personal attributes. Most people however, even those cynical towards the supernatural, are intrigued by their unique and individual birth charts.

Birthdate Co. was launched in 2019 and capitalized on the individuality of astrology. Beginning with a line of 365 candles custom-blended for each birthday, consumers can buy their unique candle, or send one as a clever gift. Now, the brand has launched their sophomore product. A bespoke coffee table book, each Birthdate Book is tailor-made for the recipient with seventy pages of detailed explanations of each planet in your natal chart.

“After we launched Birthdate Candles, we heard from thousands of customers how much they loved the illuminating personalized readings on each candle — especially the accuracy and specificity of the predictions.” Said Ajay Mehta, the brand’s founder. “Even though our candles are personalized, there is still only one for every day of the year. After talking to some of our early customers, we wanted to make a product that was even more special and unique — fully personalized not just based on the person’s day of birth, but actually on their entire astrological birth chart.”

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And the consumer demand Mehta describes is outstanding. The brand boasts over 4,500 five-star customer reviews for their unique products; further proof that customization is a growing trend in gift-giving and personal purchases.

Celebrity astrologer and author Aliza Kelly describes Birthdate Book as, “A much deeper understanding of your personal planets.” Kelly, who writes a regular monthly horoscope for Cosmopolitan among other professional achievements as a contemporary topical astrologer, believes the beauty of astrology is in the room it creates for self-love. “It’s a compass to understanding yourself. It won’t prescribe a path – we still have free will, agency, and choice – but it will influence how we treat ourselves.”

Each Birthdate Book is made to order, and features the name and birthday of the recipient prominently on the cover. Even those without a keen aptitude for astronomy and astrology will appreciate the custom hardcover display. As we head into a difficult fall and winter season, human contact and gift-giving has lost its way for many family members and friends. Birthdate Co. feels a Birthdate Book is a more intimate way to connect. The brand has seen 70-80% of sales being gifts, and predict these figures will not slow.

The brand’s founder touched upon the extra support we as humanity are needing during this tumultuous year. While consumers search for new and inventive ways to create connection and support their loved ones, Mehta leans on his custom products. “It will allow consumers to continue to spread joy.”