Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Best Accessories For The Frequent Travelers You Love


Frequent travelers have their routines down to a science, but that also means that a creative gift can sometimes spice up their habits. What better way to show the traveler in your life affection than making their time away from home more enjoyable with a thoughtful present? For someone who spends their time constantly in airplanes and at hotels around the world, these are some of the best accessories you can give to the frequent travelers you love.

Larkly Powdered Sunscreen

Travelers with a carry-on bag no longer need to worry about airport security pilfering their all-important sunscreen. With Larkly’s powdered SPF, it meets TSA screening guidelines while also leaving frequent travelers safe when they reach their destination. Skincare and protection from the sun are not just a focus in tropical locations. It is important to protect the skin when spending any time outdoors or even by a window on daytime airline flights by the window. This mineral-blended sunscreen uses antioxidants like resveratrol, green tea, and licorice root extracts to protect against environmental damage as well as soothing ingredients to leave skin grease-free. It is reef-safe and chemical and fragrance-free from a U.S.-based, women-owned company.

QuietOn 3 Noise-Canceling Earbuds

Bulky headphones can waste precious space in a carry-on bag, and frequent travelers often have no patience to wait on checked (or lost) bags. The newest pair of QuietOn 3 noise-canceling earbuds are easy to sleep in, whether on the plane or in a hotel room. They block out excess noise like snoring, coughing, talking and music. The battery can last up to 28 hours, but the case will actually charge them when not in use. Based on analog technology from a Finnish designer, these are the world’s smallest noise cancelling earbuds and provide substantial benefit for frequent travelers.


Sperry Boat Shoes

In the constrained space of a carry-on bag, a solid pair of loafers can do wonders for a traveler that is constantly on the go. Sperry Boat Shoes and dress loafers often can work for both business or leisure settings. Hand-sewn in Maine, these high-quality shoes are made with premium leather and rubber soles making them comfortable for all-day use. They come in numerous styles from traditional lace-up boat shoes to dressier slip-on loafers. Best of all, they are lightweight to carry easily and work either with or without socks. The newest additions are part of The Cloud Collection, which incorporate colorful patterns and designs with croc leather, fabric and suede.

Bodewell Eczema Daily Calming Cream

The skin of frequent flyers can take a beating with so much dry air and recycled air flow. For extra deep hydration, Bodewell’s Eczema Daily Calming Cream can work wonders if travelers spend a lot of time in the clouds. While it is used to treat skin irritation, it also works well as a daily hydration cream for the face and body that rubs on without feeling greasy or leaving a strong fragrance. It uses steroid-free and botanical ingredients to achieve the skin you want after a spa treatment, except in the sky. It comes in both a large size or TSA-friendly travel tube.

Kai rose-scented candle

The cruelty-free and all-natural candle has a romantic, fragrant rose and gardenia scent. The Kai Skylight Rose-scented candle is the perfect gift to bring a familiar fragrance into a hotel room or office when traveling or to return home to after a long trip. The company uses its own blend of coconut and soy wax to keep the candle burning longer than other candles. Even better, the floral scent will last much longer than a bouquet of flowers making it a great gift if you want to show a constant reminder of your love to a partner.

Raw Generation Daily Super Greens

If you are worried about getting enough vitamins from your diet when on the road, this powder is packed with nutrients that can be added to water, smoothies or even sprinkled over salads and other dishes. It is easy to travel with thanks to a zip-top seal on the bag. Inside, it has an antioxidant blend of 19 green superfoods without fillers, preservatives, sweeteners or artificial ingredients. It’s the organic gift that healthy eaters will appreciate, and it makes a great gift for those that you love. Raw Generation also makes cold-pressed juice cleanses and daily wellness packs.

Healthy, travel-sized snacks

Relying on the hotel room service menu or overpriced airport food can get old, and the most seasoned travelers know to come prepared. Healthy travel snacks are a must, but a pack of almonds or trail mix can get old after awhile. These portable snack ideas help shake things up a bit and make great gifts for everyone from pilots and flight attendants to road warriors.

The 100-year-old Taiwanese recipe used to make these A-Sha Instant Noodles have turned them into somewhat of a cult following. Made from wheat, salt and water and then air-dried for 18 hours (not fried or frozen), these noodles have plant-based protein that can fuel up travelers after a long day. They come in bundles including different types of noodles like the Spicy Lover’s Bundle with Hakka Chili, Mandarin Ghost Pepper and Momofuku x A-Sha Spicy Soy flavors or the Meteor Noodle bundle featuring a chewier noodle that comes with A-Sha’s Doenjang sauce, made with soy sauce and soybeans. All are TSA-friendly meaning they only require hot water when you’re ready to eat them.

Nuttee Bean Co. adds savory flavors to dried fava beans for a protein-packed and flavorful snack to enjoy on the go. Fava beans have more protein and fiber than almonds with far fewer calories and grams of fat. They come in convenient, one-portion pouches and as three flavors: wasabi and ginger; salt and vinegar; and chili and lime.