What is email validation, and how can it help you?


When it comes to the foundation of a business that is seeking to be successful in email marketing, valid email addresses are the way to go. It is not stressed enough how essential it is to confirm that one’s email list of email addresses is valid, free of any errors and that it actually exists. Mistakes are sometimes prone to occur, especially when one makes errors with their email address while subscribing to a list. Because of a hurry, most of the time, people are prone to misspelling their names or making typos when writing off the small screens of their phones, which conducts to invalid email addresses. All that being said, the best solution to ensure that one gets a good amount of quality email addresses, valid and free of error, is to use email validation.

What is email validation?

Email Validation represents an operation that verifies if an email address can be delivered to and if it is valid. It operates by running a prompt process that identifies typos, whether they are innocent errors or misdirects done purposefully. It also has the function of confirming if a specific email address exists within a trustworthy domain. A good example of a reliable domain would be Gmail or Yahoo. This not only aids in the process of arranging and tidying one’s email addresses list, but it can also aid with guarding one’s email sender score, maximizing the efficacy of the email program.

What is the mechanism of action of Email Validation?

The majority of email service providers (ESPs) offer email validation services. There are a lot of free-of-cost tools that also validate email addresses, but one should always reach for professional help when it comes to such serious matters.

Primordially, a person has to bulk upload their list of email IDs. Email validation tools will then take it from there and apply some rapid checks to establish whether the email addresses are valid, risky, or invalid.

What does a valid email address mean?

This signifies that the email address actually exists and it is free of errors or typos. This type of verification will be finished to the level of the mailbox.

What does a risky email address mean?

 This one implies that the receiver exists, but other factors indicate that the address could still result in a bounce.

What does an invalid email address mean?

Well, this is pretty self-explanatory, but in the eventuality of an email address being determined as invalid, it means that it might contain syntax errors, DNS errors, and/or mailbox errors.

How does email validation help?

Validating one’s emailing list prior to beginning email marketing campaigns has some benefits, which will be listed below:

  • It enhances delivery rates up to 98%, bettering one’s email deliverability by entirely eliminating invalid email addresses from the list.
  • It aids in the process of maintaining a high Sender Score, thus enhancing deliverability.
  • By not sending emails to invalid users, one can save money and enhance ROI.
  • One might have a higher conversion rate; more emails that arrive in inboxes mean higher opens and clicks and better overall performance.


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